Tips on landing temporary hospitality jobs

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Tips On Landing Temporary Hospitality Jobs. Temporary hospitality jobs are just as widespread and in demand as those with regular positions. In fact, this industry is considered to be the biggest source of temporary positions. This may have something to do with the nature of the job.

Why Temporary?.If you’re thinking how come temporary positions are rampant in this kind of industry, even though a lot of sources say that hospitality industry is a staple to any kind of culture, there are a couple of factors that can answer your question.

First off would be the nature of the job itself. It really depends on the position of the job whether it is susceptible to being temporary or not. There are jobs that fall under the maintenance category of hospitality in which you do not really have to work everyday. They just call you if you have work to do, or you have a scheduled time of the month in which those are the only times that you need to report to them.

Second would be the season. There are times of the year that entails more working force in the service industry. For instance, Christmas holidays and other long vacations usually call for extra people. Big events also take in temporary services. Companies would usually hire an extra number of people just for a big event that they would be holding. This is one way that you get to have a temporary position.

So, here are some tips that you can take in mind when applying for a temporary position.

Keep It Short. If you’ll be applying for a temporary position, there is no need for you to make a thesis-length resume. It is best that you simply keep it short and simple. Just put in all the essentials that they need to know. Only put information that are related to the position you are applying for. For instance, if you’ll be applying for a waitress service position, there is no need to put in your resume that you won the 7th grade story telling contest.

Just place information which you think could help the employer see your qualifications for the position. Avoid the fluff.

Dress It Up—Right!If you’ll be having an interview for a temporary position, preparations are still to be made. Don’t underestimate the interview, just because it’s for a temporary post. Dress up right and appropriate for the interview. Try to find something that would fit just right. Don’t under dress and most of all, don’t over dress.

If you’ll be using cologne, try to keep in mind that it is best to use a mild one. This is so that you won’t irritate the one interviewing you and you can avoid allergic reactions in consideration of people around you.

Be On Time And Early!If the company you’re applying for is new to you, it would be best that you visit their office one day before your interview. This is so that you wouldn’t get lost on the day of your interview. Thus, you wouldn’t be late. It is best that you arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled interview.

So, do all your preparations the night before and get a good night’s sleep; in this way, you wake up early and have more time to prepare on the day itself.

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