Javascript programmer is it your perfect career

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Java. Script is a development of the Java programming language. Small Java programs called scripts can be incorporated within the HTML of a web page to allow even Joe Soap’s homepage to exhibit dynamic effects that Joe would never have dreamed of 10 years ago.

There are thousands of Java Scripts freely available for downloading. These range from Drop Down menus to Snow Effects, from Mouse-over Effects to Digital Real-Time Clocks.

Java Scripts are useful for introducing limited animation to your web pages without the download times associated with Macromedia Flash animations. Your page tracking and Google Adsense tracking also use Java Scripts.

People see Java. Script programming as a new and highly paid career. Universities supply the courses because the demand is there and it’s a good way for the university to make money. As these qualified programmers come onto the jobs market, the number of programmers is going to exceed the number of vacancies and salaries will fall.

When companies can outsource their programming needs to low cost countries like India and China, they are unlikely to want very many highly paid programmers on their rolls.

If you do learn Java. Script you can earn money on one of the freelancing sites, by bidding on various projects. Be aware that you will not be able to compete on price with programmers from India or China, so compete on quality and completion times. The reputation you establish early on will stay with you for a long time, so make sure it is an impeccable one.

The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system blocks Java. Script by default, because this is seen as a possible source of security breaches. Most users have no idea how to allow Java. Script to run on the web pages they view.

Java. Script does have some disadvantages. It works differently on different browsers and it increases the download time of your pages.

Against these disadvantages are its advantages. There are sites where you can download scripts for free and many sites where you can learn at least the rudiments of Java. Script programming without paying a cent.

Check out for more information.

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