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Secret Shopping – a “Mystery Shopper” or “Secret Shopper” is someone who is hired by an establishment to pose as a customer and report back to the owner how the service was, or other details (FACTS) that are requested prior to the shop. Then person (‘Mystery Shopper’) is then paid well for the assignment and gets reimbursed for their purchase, meal, or other goods or merchandise. Some companies pay as much as $60 per hour or assignment and more for the Mystery Shop evaluation. And most shops the “Secret Shopper” keeps the goods and eats ‘’FREE” at the restaurants, absolutely “FREE” of charge!.

Why would an establishment or business pay for such a service?. Great?. It is because as a “Mystery Shopper” you provide fair, unbiased “FACTS”, regarding the shop, such as customer service, the purchase process (transaction), greetings as a customer, how fast did it take to fill the order, and how knowledgeable was the waiter or waitress?. This is only to name a few question. And it also depends on the shop – meaning what kind of business it is. The compensation also depends and the detail as well concerning the pay for the “Mystery Shop.”.

The whole objective with the “Secret Shopping” is to improve these services to satisfy potential (new ones) and repeat customer. The bottom line is this – increased revenue or sales for the business or establishment and “Happy Satisfied Customers.”.

The companies understand the small investment in “Mystery Shoppers” and will result in long term financial benefits for the business. The “Quality” they can provide = much success and “Genuinely” Happy Satisfied Customers.

The “TOP” “Mystery Shopping” source on the internet for “MYSTERY SHOPPING.” The data base and our reviews of the network are “TOPS”. There are over 1,000 businesses that offer this “Secret Shopper” experience and many more companies and businesses are offering the “Secret Mystery Shopping” assignments “Secret Shopping Jobs” throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Locally, and other countries internationally.

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