Dont be late for an interview

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Don’t be Late for an Interview. This may seem obvious, but it happens way too often. No matter the reason, there is noexcuse for it (besides an injury or family emergency and then kudos for you for showingup). Getting lost, bad traffic, or losing track of time doesn’t matter to an interviewer.

They are taking time away from their primary duties to sit down with you to try and giveyou a job. It is rude and disrespectful to not show up on time.

Here are a few tips to ensure this doesn’t happen:* Do a dry run. If you are going to a city or a part of the city you are not familiarwith drive there a few days before. Ideally you will do it during a week day at asimilar time to your interview time to gauge the amount of time it takes to getthere.

* Leave early. Not just 15 minutes early, you can plan to arrive 30-60 minutesbefore your interview time. Don’t go into the building though. Get into the area,find a coffee shop and relax while reading the paper or reviewing your resume.

Not only will this ensure that you are on time it also gives you time to relax andcalm yourself before walking into the building.

* Pay for parking. Don’t circle the block 12 times looking for cheap parking on thestreet. Pay the money to park in a parking garage. You do not want to wastevaluable time looking for parking and start to stress yourself at the same time.

If you are running late (but really, you shouldn’t be), make sure you call. Theinterviewer may not have time to complete the interview if you are running late and youwill save both of you the time if you let them know. You can try and salvage the fauxpas by trying to book another appointment right away. And if you are lucky enough toget a second chance, follow the tips above to arrive not only on time, but early.

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