How do you move from a rut to a groove

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A rut and a groove are both furrows. But a rut is boring, uninteresting and can be depressing. Whereas being in the groove is good fun and energising. And being in the groove is a getting the best out of yourself.

Where are you at the moment?.In a Rut or a Groove?.A rut is caused by having your foot firmly on the accelerator. You’re pressing it down for all you are worth but you’re not going anywhere. Absolutely no where!.

You are, most probably, covering all the people standing behind you with earth, grass, rubbish and waste etc, but you’re not moving.

In fact you’re getting deeper and deeper in trouble until finally you are up to the axle and not going anywhere. So stuck that you will need a spade, a fork, a tow truck, anything to get you going again.

How did you get there?.Doing the same thing day after day. Following the same routine over and over again. Following those wonderful phrases in your head;It was good enough for …. It will be good enough for me. It worked for. It will work for me.

You always did it this way…………..

Before you have a go at us we are not knocking tradition. Tradition has a place but not at the expense of happiness and excitement.

In our book, if it makes you unhappy, bored and pessimistic why are you doing it?.How do you get out of it?.Simple.

Change your habits.

It’s your habits that got you into the rut and it’s your habits that will get you out.


You have to accept that you are in a rut.

You have to admit that you have been taking the easy option for a long time.

You have to accept that at a certain point in time you made a mistake.

You have to accept that time and money are not going to get you out of this mess.

You have to change.

You must initiate the action. No one else. Just YOU. No one can get you out of a rut only you.


Sit down for a moment. Think.

• What’s the real problem?.

• What’s behind your going deeper and deeper into a rut?.

• What’s the fear here?.

• What are you trying to avoid?.DON’T rush it. Stay with it.

Do whatever you need to do to bottom it and find the way forward.


Gradually write down the way out. Don’t take the first answer. Make effort to write down 30 ideas of the way out. Gradually you will become more and more creative. Then one idea will stick. It will come equipped with fairy lights, spot light and if you are really lucky a full orchestra.

That’s the way forward.

Now you have a way forward that feels comfortable. Now you are moving into the groove. You feel happy, energised, focussed. You are in the flow. The passion is aroused. Everything is in synch. Everything you do works.

You are off.

Go on try.

You owe it to yourself.

Good Luck. Graham and Julie.

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