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Career Counseling Online. Of course, we live in the Internet age so when you want to find career counseling, one of your best options is to look online. Online career counseling can be a great way for you to find the right career for you all from the convenience of your own home. There are many, many online career counseling websites that can help guide you along the way to a new career, but you’ll want to choose one that is legitimate and can really help you.

Some of the online career counseling websites charge a fee for some of the services they offer, but most of them are free of charge to use – well, up to a point. They will have career assessment tests you can take so that you can find out what types of careers are best suited to your personality, your talents, and your abilities. Many people think they know what career field they want to get into – and they very well might be right. However, those without much direction may find that there are some careers well suited to them that they had never thought of.

Once you have a list of careers to choose from, the online career counseling website will probably give you a short description of the specific career along with job duties as well as special training and education you will need to get into that career. Where they charge a fee is if you want detailed information about careers, job listings, and help with resume construction as well as other various services that they offer.

We did find a few online career counseling websites that have live career counselors available to chat with you and help get you on your way toward a new career but consider what that entails. You’re not sure exactly who you’re talking with and whether or not they actually have the training and accreditation to properly advise you. It’s alright to give it a try, but proceed with caution and really research what these people tell you so they are not guiding you in the wrong direction.

When you are seeking career counseling online, the beauty of the whole process is that you have information at your fingertips – and there’s a lot of it out there on the web! You can research careers and find out information any time of the day or night and right from your own computer. For some people who don’t want their current employer to know that they are looking for a different career, this privacy alone can be wonderful.

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