Put a positive spin on everything

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Put a Positive Spin on Everything. A potential employer wants to hire people with a positive attitude. You should projectthis image in your demeanor, facial expressions, and most importantly in the content ofyour answers. You may be the strongest candidate that the interviewer has seen but youstill will not get the job if you are negative and insult former bosses or co-workers.

The best way to do this is to put a positive spin on all of your answers. Many interviewswill include a question along one of these lines:* Have you had a challenging relationship with a co-worker or boss?. Tell us aboutit.

* What conditions in a workplace make it hard to do your job?.* How can people tell when you are in a bad mood at work?.Really, all of these are trick questions. Yes, the interviewer really does want to knowhow you have handled conflict in the workplace and how you deal with a bad day atwork. But, they want to see if you can explain this without talking negatively and showthat you can problem solve your way out of certain situations. Even if you have a greatstory to tell about you and a co-worker, unless you handled yourself as professionally aspossible and the story portrays you in a positive light do not tell it.

If an interviewer asks how co-workers or customers can tell if you are in a bad mood,there is only one right answer, “They can’t.” You can (and should) elaborate on this, butby answering the question in this vein you are showing that you can leave personalproblems and stresses outside the workplace without them affecting your job or others.

Be the kind of person that people want to hire, realistic with an attitude of getting alongwith others and the ability to get a job done.

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