How to answer the tough interview questions

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How to Answer the Tough Interview Questions. Each interview has at least one, a question that you really don’t know the best way toanswer. It is the one that you agonize over for days and keep going over it and over it inyour head and you ask others how they would have answered. There is not way to avoidthese types of questions but you can answer them with confidence to give yourself peaceof mind until you get a call back.

Do not feel that you have to answer immediately after you have been asked a question.

You are not on a game show where the fastest contestant to answer wins. Yourinterviewers will appreciate that you have taken time to formulate your answer. If youare concerned by a prolonged silence – don’t be, it is normal. If you have been asked aquestion that you do not know exactly what to say, ask for a moment to think of anappropriate answer. This is preferable to taking a long time to answer without explainingwhat you are doing.

If you really can’t think of an answer off of the top of your head, ask if you can comeback to the question in a moment – keep trying to think of an answer. Don’t think that ifyou get to the end of the interview and you haven’t answered the question that you are offof the hook. Even if your interviewer doesn’t ask again, it has not gone unnoticed thatyou didn’t respond to a question. The best case scenario is for you to bring the topic backto the question and answer it accordingly. Thank your interviewer for giving you theextra time to come up with the right answer.

If it is a lengthy question that is broken into parts, break it down into, don’t try andanswer it all at once – you can always ask for parts of the question to be repeated.

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