Dirty yellow wheel clamp

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Have you ever been CLAMPED?.Trust me, I know JUST how frustrating it can be.

You park your car for just five minutes to pick up a prescription. You return and… WHAM! A big dirty-yellow wheel clamp fixed to your wheel – with a DEMAND for £££’s before some muscle-thug will remove it.


And guess what?.The average wheel clamping fine these days is a staggering £240. However many cowboy wheel clampers are screwing drivers by up to £670 per “offence”… and it’s all completely legal.

The Government has lost control. The clampers are going wild. Even the RAC is currently campaigning for new legislation. Nobody knows what to do.

Well, for the FIRST TIME EVER, you can now BEAT the wheel clampers at their own game…

… With the LATEST “SYSTEM” from Dan Strauss!Dan Strauss is a good friend of mine, and spends his life figuring out how to beat the driving system. He’s the editor of the UK Driving Secrets guide, and the man behind the Beat Speeding Ticket templates.

He’s recently developed a NEW SYSTEM for getting absolutely ANY wheel clamp fine REFUNDED within just days… And it’s PERFECTLY LEGAL, TOO.

You won’t have to argue with the clamping thugs. And you won’t have to fill out lots of complex paperwork.

Just pay the fine as normal, then send off a simple template letter. Your money will be refunded within a couple of weeks.

Can you IMAGINE how valuable this information could be to you?.But you MUST buy it BEFORE you get a wheel clamping fine. There’s something critical you need to do for the system to work. Download it TODAY to learn more.

Oh, and the whole package comes with a 10-year guarantee too. Now that’s something I’ve NEVER heard ANYONE offer before. It just shows how serious Dan is about all of this.

So check out my blog site and get yourself protected from those wheel clamping cowboys:http://wheelclamp.blogspot.com/Enjoy! Best wishes, surfson.

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