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Virtual Jobs. The future is here. With more companies downsizing, the need for a virtual employee or contractor, is increasing daily. Have you ever called a company and the customer service agent was in another country?. That’s because big corporations, like major toy stores, may get 100,000 incoming calls or more a day! To staff enough people taking those calls, would require a bigger call center building, agents, electricity, phones, computers, more fuel used for travel to and from the job site.

Therefore, the need is apparent. But where do you find a good job, working at home?. Search the internet for “work at home” and over 1.8 billion results are returned. Wow! That’s a lot to sift through. That’s exactly what I did. Day after day, searching for “work at home virtual jobs”. I searched for months, till I found them. I applied, my son applied, and then my girlfriend applied. Took a bit more time than a regular out in the world application. But we were all hired. Great companies that hired work at home agents. We take inbound customer service calls for really big companies. Paid by the minute, we average $8-$18 per hour, depending on peak call times.

Working at home is very rewarding from my side of the fence. I make my own schedule. I take off when I need, and I don’t have to ask anybody. I will say, it does take a lot of discipline. So easy to take too much time off, you really have to treat it like any other job. Except for the drive to work. We have to be on time for the schedule we make. But the pro’s far out weigh the con’s.

By now you are asking where do “I” find a job like that?.I will give it away. After all of the research, I found about 33 companies, more as I check them out, that hire work at home agents. The list is totally free for anybody that wants it at on the work from home tab.

I sincerely hope this information gets out to a lot of people in search of working at home. A lot of the 1.8 billion sites out there, charge for this kind of information. I give it away to help others help themselves.

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