What calls for an image consultant

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What calls for an image consultant?.Ever wondered if you looked good enough for a party or for work?. Ever wondered if there was a better look that could work for you?. Is there anyone out there that could help you out?. Look no further and be thankful because there are people out there doing just this for people who have no idea how to look good, these people are called “image consultants.”You might have spotted these people on TV in shows like Extreme Makeover, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, or Ambush makeover. Or you might have heard of Tim Gunn and his ultimate style guide and how he changes a person’s life in one week. This is what image consultants do for a living and by doing what they do they make the world a better place to look at.

They are known by many names and aliases—some of these titles are fashion consultant, wardrobe stylist, or lifestyle consultant. What ever you call them they do one thing in general and people pay them to show people how to make a fabulous impression. They do this by making people experiment and mix and match styles that would look good on them.

On the other hand, when we talk about image, we are talking more about the physical appearance. Aside from the physical side and outlook of a person image consultancy also develops a person’s character. Some image consultants also talk to their clients about how they communicate to people and how they deliver their words. Aside form verbal communication they also talk to people about gestures, facial expressions and etiquette. All of these are done so that the client will be able to feel good about himself or she who is the primary goal of image consultancy.

Most image consultants also build up an association of strategic partners they can pass on clients to, such as, makeup artists, nutritionists, dentists, plastic surgeons, voice coaches, hair stylists, and personal trainers.

Image consultants present the type of advice that can assist people land a career, get a promotion, find an important person to be in love with, or just feel good about themselves.

It’s no question they are so well satisfied, normally bringing in no less than $90 per hour advising folks how to present a superior image. A predominantly well-paid avenue is presenting schooling programs for corporations. Image consultants can receive thousands of dollars a day educating on seminars on dressing professionally (including dos and don’ts for casual Fridays), telephone manners for customer service personnel, communication skills for new supervisors, and other topics.

If you are one of the exceptional few who believe image doesn’t matter, try shopping at a superior store fully clad in what you would generally wear to clean your basement or move furniture. Then stopover the same stores looking well groomed and wearing your finest suit.

The most important thing about being an image consultant is to decide on what kind of services you would like to offer. Think of which field you would like to specialize, it could be in wardrobe or fashion consulting, you could also go into the line of offering advises on communication skills and etiquette, or be a makeover consultant who provides feedback on “the whole package.”.

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