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Ask Your Own Questions. Okay, you have made it to the end of your interview and the interviewer says it is nowyour turn. They want to know if you have any questions for them. And most likely youdo: “How did I do” and “Are you going to hire me” – unfortunately you can’t ask eitherone. But there are questions that you can ask to glean some information on how youperformed and to determine if the company is a right fit for you.

Although it is not acceptable to ask how you did in an interview, it is okay andencouraged to ask what the next steps are and the timeline for them. Depending on howthis is answered, you may be able to figure out their reaction to you. But this is not full-proof and is not a guarantee. If they take the time to explain all the checks they need togo through, how many people they have left to interview and so on, they are probablyinterested and want you to understand that there is still steps left in the process. If theyonly tell you that you will hear from them within a certain period of time via letter, well itisn’t as promising.

Look at the opportunity to ask your own questions as your chance to interview thecompany. Of course you have done your research prior to attending and have made up alist that you wrote down before attending. Show your preparedness and pull out the listto ask your questions. Things like company direction and expansion show an interest inthe business. Feel free to take notes; it can earn you brownie points. Ask questions thatare important to you as well, if vacation time and benefits are a deal breaker for you, findout now what the company has to offer.

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