Saving the next generation from fire

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It is so important for not only the local fire department to teach the children about the dangers of fire but it is also necessary for parents and family to also stress it at home. Fire in the home is a serious matter and should be taken into consideration. There should be a fire plan in place and regular fire drills conducted so everyone knows what to do in case of a fire. This is especially important to children who live in the home. Making sure your home has the best fire proofing items and your children are educated on the hazards of fire is the first step in protection. Adults should also know all they can on the hazards that exist in their home.

Children are very curious by nature and have been known to be attracted to matches and lighters. This being said Is it any big surprise that they have also been the cause of home fires Unfortunately, some of these fires have been the cause of death and the loss of large amounts of property. Making sure any items capable of starting a fire is under security is the best way to remedy this problem. If you have lighters and matches lying around your home, it is very easy for a child to play with them. If these items are put in a cabinet or box that can be locked, there is a larger chance they will not even be interested in them. Talking to you children about fire and the bad things it can do. Make sure they know that under no circumstances should they play with matches or lighters as these are very dangerous. For children to be safe, they must respect fire.

When you choose clothing items for your children, make sure the material is fire retardant material. This is especially important for the nighttime sleep clothing they wear. This may be pajamas or nightgowns and also blankets and sheets used in a crib or toddler bed. These clothes are treated so they will not ignite easily when exposed to a flame, a burner, heater, or other hot surface. Children should also be taught what to do in case they do have clothing on that catches fire. Their first instinct is to run away but this will only make the fire worse. They need to stop where they are, drop to the ground, and roll around to put the fire out. Once they learn this, the reaction to run wont be the first thing they do. This technique also applies to the adults and older individuals in the home.

Take a trip to your local fire department and see if they can recommend any other advice on keeping your home safe. Also place widow decals on the outside of the windows where your children sleep. This allows firefighters to identify the rooms faster and also that there are children in the home at all. You may even want to take the time to have a fire official take a look at your home and show you first hand what items you need to help make your home a safer place. Taking the little bit of time and effort now can make a difference to your families safety later on.

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