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Resume cover letter. When you are applying for a job you should always include a resume cover letter along with your resume. The cover letter serves a very important purpose in that it introduces you as well as your resume for your future (hopefully) employer’s consideration. Crafting a good resume cover letter can be just as important as making a good resume because it gives you the opportunity not only to introduce yourself but also to provide some additional information to the potential employer that does not really belong on a resume.

A resume cover letter lets you state more than what you can put in your objective statement on the resume. It lets you expound on why you are perfect for this job and why they MUST call you for an interview. There are some guidelines when writing a resume cover letter. You won’t want to ramble on and on, so consider a few of these suggestions.

To begin your resume cover letter, refer to how you found out about the job you are applying for. If you saw an ad in the newspaper, be sure to underline the name of the newspaper (grammatical rules count!) Tell the employer that you are enclosing your resume for their consideration (even though it is a given!) and then go on to make additional statements about yourself.

Now, my problem with the resume cover letter is that I make mine way too long. I have a lot to say, and I’m a writer (obviously) so I tend to ramble in my resume cover letters. DO NOT DO THIS! The purpose of a resume cover letter is simply to introduce yourself and to let the prospective employer know that you are totally interested in this job and you are so qualified it isn’t even funny!In a nutshell, be brief in your resume cover letter. State where you saw the ad, give a little information about yourself and what the employer can expect to find in your resume. The resume cover letter is sort of an extended version of the objective statement you made on your resume. You will, however, want to make it creative as well. Get their attention and then compel them to look at your resume as they realize that they want to meet you for a personal interview.

The most important part about the resume cover letter is to end it with several ways to get in touch with you. I like to use a simple statement like “I can be reached or a message may be left at (555) 555-5555”. Then I sit back and wait for my phone call for the interview!.

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