Considering a career in nursing

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Considering a Career in Nursing. There is a shortage of nurses in the US. The short term solution is to hire nurses from other countries but since this deprives the locals from working for the same job, the government and the private sector have set up more schools that will encourage students to take this noble profession.

If you are seriously considering being a nurse, the first question you have to ask yourself is why you want this job?. Should your answer be for money or for fame, then you better think of another career path.

Nursing is a demanding profession that requires dedication. It is not a 9 to 5 job because sometimes, you may be assigned to work the graveyard shift or extend beyond 8 hours of work especially when there are a lot of patients to attend to.

For those that just graduated from high school and still don’t know what to do, you may sign up as a volunteer in a clinic or hospital so you get to see first hand what do these individuals do. Some activities nurses do on a regular basis include collecting samples from patients, checking their vital signs, blood pressure and temperature.

Should you be able to handle the pressures and feel good helping patients, then you should consider being a nurse.

A career in nursing can take you to places. For instance, traveling nurses who work on a contractual basis can be employed in some of the best medical facilities in the country. That is after they specialize in something for more than year like working in the emergency room department or the operating room.

Critical care nursing could be another possibility where you are assigned to look after patients in intensive care. This is perhaps the most challenging since the life of the patient is in the balance. For those that don’t want to work in such a stressful environment, you can try working in a home healthcare facility, outpatient surgery center or teaching in a nursing school.

Hospitals and clinics have also shifted to the digital age which is why computers are needed to link one department to another. You could get a job as a programmer here and updated their programs or write one. Since you built the system, you can train others who will use it in the future or sell a similar program to other hospitals and work as a consultant for them.

If you love children, you can find work in neonatal nursing. Here, you get the chance to work with healthy newborn babies as well as those that are born prematurely. Your job does not end there because there are pediatric home health care facilities which you can find employment and teach parents about the importance of prevention against certain illnesses.

Considering a career in nursing should not be taken lightly especially when the life of a patient is in your hands. This is why you should think about it very carefully because you could be happy doing this for a long time or regret it if this is something you were not mean to do in the first place.

How things will turn out is entirely up to you. Don’t do it for the money or the fame but in the service of others.

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