The fire act of 1972

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While most of us were too young to remember 1972, many changes to the fire service were being started. Republican President Nixon took a very unheard of step to change the fire services. He created a special group to take a look into the issues within the fire service and come up with ways to correct these issues. This special group was made up of those individuals who were at the top of the fire service and who had a drive to complete the task given to them. It sounds simple enough but unfortunately what sometimes seems easy is the hardest thing you may ever do. This was not something that was small indeed.

This group or commission encountered some issues that were controversial in nature. Ti really shook up the fire service. The issues were not just at surface level but were delving into a depth of the fire department that some felt was better left alone. When they started questioning the deaths of citizens, preventing fires, changing things to provide more safety for those fighting fire, and dealing with the new types of high rise buildings coming up, some feathers got ruffled. Their conclusion was given in a very rude and in your face view of the problems with the fire services of that day. Nothing was left to the imagination in the report and it seemed that not one inference could be made in ones mind because of the frankness of the report. It seemed to the commission that even though America was at its peak for being a country of technology and advancement, it was also the worst for the amount of deaths caused by fire and money lost because of those fires. It seems that because of this commissions boldness, the fire service has become what it is today and that seems to be a good thing.

The future has brought not only good changes but issues in the fire service still exist. America is facing what it did back when the commission was first formed. Is this the fault of the fire service or those citizens it has sworn to protect It seems that the new report is saying that with all the new advancements and training available to the general public, many choose not to follow it and by the time a fire happens to them, it is too late. Americans are allowing their smoke detectors to go without battery changes and testing on a regular basis. Taking precautions with chemicals and electronic devices is also leading to a higher rate of deaths due to fire related situations. This is a sad fact that seems to be ignored.

Simple things can be done to bring about changes in the next report. If we, as responsible citizens of this great United States of America will start taking interest and learn the essentials of fire safety, death and destruction can start to be reduced. By taking the time to make sure you have a fire extinguisher where it is needed and to learn how to deal with everyday objects in our home properly, the life of our family could be spared. A few seconds is all it takes to push the button on your smoke detector to see if it is still working. A second of inconvenience could be years you have to enjoy those you love.

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