How loan officers can snag realtor business

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It usually happens that you hook up with a real state agent who promises to give you business. You work day and night at different strategies but never hear back from that agent. Even if you hear back the agent always comes up with some lame excuse. When a realtor promises you of some business there are two possible outcomes of the word. Either he will or he won’t. May be he is a realtor who has not much deals to close to give you business. Running after such a particular is just wastage of your own time. The last possibility is that probably the realtor has lots of business but is hesitant to it to a new untested loan officer like you.

In such a case or in any case it is always good to market your own talent. Make people and realtors aware of what you can do. The best and cheapest way is to provide Just Listed and just sold postcards for your agents in addition to open house flyers customized with attached reports. On this surface this does not sound like much does it?.

Every time you give an office presentation you can log into the MLS (If you do not have MLS access, then you need to either get it, or partner with a title company who does have it.) and identify the agents who have deals in process. From there you can download the agents details and information of the home targeted. Then prepare a sample Just Listed or Just Sold postcard along with an open house flyer customized with each agents information and respective listing or sold property.

You can bring these with to the presentations and seminars and distribute to every agent as a sample of the services you can provide. These cards and flyers will cost you nothing since you will be preparing them in-house. This way every average agent who participates will close additional 4-5 transactions per year because of these little cards. They can show them to their buyers, so that they are satisfied of your services.

After that you can send weekly emails to your agents that you are prepared to deliver any just listed or just sold postcards to the office for any new listings or sold properties. If the agent asks for Just Listed cards then you know there is obviously a new client involved.

While you are making these emails and sending these emails every week you will begin to notice a pattern. Some agents will look forward to your calls and have their orders prepared in advance while others will habitually avoid you.

Just to make certain that the agent is avoiding you as opposed to running a conflicting schedule you will want to try and track this person down and schedule a better touch-point each week. If this still doesn’t work then you will know when it is time to move on.

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