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In addition to knowing the difference between a lan and a laptop, to be a successful IT consultant, you need to have the personality traits that will permit you to work well with your clients, employees and vendors. Read on to evaluate if you have what it takes to be a successful IT consultant.

IT Consultant Traits: Can You Exhibit Candor?.You can’t be afraid to tell people the truth – even if it hurts. Be very confident, because if you aren’t, people are going to see right through it.

You are going to need to come across as very confident when going out to networking, sales calls and even service calls. If you don’t, people will sense fear and take advantage of it. It is very important that you work on displaying confidence.

IT Consultant Traits: Can You Work With Uncertainty?.You should be able to work with uncertainty; as a business owner, there really is no sure thing, ever. You can do some things to lessen the risk, but is impossible to eliminate all of the risk so you need to be able to cope with that and cope with a certain degree of uncertainty.

IT Consultant Traits: Are You Decisive?.You need to be able to know which battles are worth fighting. There is a lot of things that are going to come up with clients, especially long time clients, that will get on your nerves. You are going to have to take a couple steps back in your mind and figure out is this something worth fighting for or if you should just let it roll off your back.

At the other extreme, you are going to have to figure which prospects, are completely wasting your time and which clients have gone bad. Which are becoming time vampires and sucking all your blood, your energy?. You need to be decisive enough to recognize that and take action. You also need to be able to decide which employees and contractors to hire.

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