How to turn seasonal work into a permanent job

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How to Turn Seasonal Work into a Permanent Job.

Landing a seasonal job can be a great opportunity for a currently unemployed individual or a college student. One of the aspects of seasonal work is the opportunity to turn the part-time employment into a full-time position. For the unemployed, seasonal work is a fantastic opportunity to have a steady cash flow while looking for ways to turn it into a permanent employment.

It is important to note that seasonal jobs come to an end when the holiday season ends. Should you fall in love with this job, you may be able to turn it into a full-time position. However, bear in mind that long-term positions are very competitive since most companies only retain 10 percent of their seasonal workers. Below are potential ways that can help you turn that seasonal job into a permanent position.

You Need to Prove Your Worth.

This might sound like a no-brainer to you, but you should be able to demonstrate your positive impact to the company in order to be recognized. If possible, you can point out your creative ideas or suggestions that you made to help reduce the costs. Employers are keen to note those skills that have impact on profits.

It goes without saying that you should always be on time, honest and reliable in your part-time employment so that your manager can see your benefit to the company. If you are going to run late for work, make a call as soon as you know so that the company can get someone else to replace you.

Use Your Networking Prowess.

This is the best opportunity for you to make friends. Getting a seasonal job show that you are ready to work and therefore it’s important to introduce yourself to the managers and other decision makers. Remember to dress professionally and stay positive; demonstrate your interest in the job, fellow employees and the company. Having said that, avoid being seen as a brown-nosing person and just focus on making yourself known for positive influence in the office each day.

Take Your Seasonal Work Seriously.

You should work as if you’re a permanent staff. A seasonal job lasts for a few months, but you need to treat it just like a full-time employment. By taking this job seriously, your supervisor will definitely notice you and he or she might consider you when the time to make those decisions comes at the end of the season.

Be Quick to Learn.

Being accurate and learning your job quickly is a great way to prove to your manager that you can work well without any assistance. You should also be willing to exceed the target that is expected of you. Ability to work fast without compromising the quality will increase your chances of being retained by the company when the seasonal job comes to an end.

Be a Team Player.

It’s important to be a team player and communicate effectively with your fellow employees. Being able to work well with others will clearly show that you’re an asset to that company. Extend a helping hand to other employees whenever they need assistance and you are available.

A seasonal job can be a great opportunity to position yourself for a full-time position. This job will also help you to apply for other positions that might come up while you’re working. Make sure that you act professionally during your seasonal job.

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