Loan officer marketing ideas learned from cooking popcorn

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You make up strategies, contact realtors, and do a lot of advertising just to gain zero results. You never hear back from a real estate agent. All your strategies go down the drain. All your marketing efforts seem to go unnoticed. Feeling like a loser do you always think of quitting everything?.

I read a book a few days ago that recounted the importance of maintaining the proper mindset to accomplish your goals in marketing and sales. One illustration really caught my attention. The author Robert Allen compared marketing to popcorn.

He said that if we take the bag of corn kernels out of the microwave, or take the pot of the pan just before they start popping, we won’t get any pop corns. Similarly if we frequently replaced the bag on the heat just to and take it off every time before the popping time is reached, we will only get depressed and frustrated. We would never obtain anything useful with such an attitude. You will always be left hungry.

The same phenomenon is applied when a loan officer decides to market his skills and strategies of the mortgage company he is working for. As a loan officer you should always remember the golden rule than “Nothing is ever accomplished because the consistency is not there, and impatience sets in.”.

Loan officers usually jump towards new campaigns and techniques before giving the earlier harvested ones time to reap. Everything takes a little time to solidify and yield results. Success is never instant. It takes in a lot time and patience to get the reward much awaited.

There are few loan officers who are able to design marketing strategies that produce instant referrals and leads for them. Mostly, the programs should be tested by implementing a small portion first. If found successful or even applicable then further steps with proper techniques must be taken. If all your points are on place then only you can hit your desired target.

From the popcorn example above loan officers must also keep in mind that all kernels do not always pop at the same time. There are a few which remain UN popped even after sufficient heat and time is given. Each kernel takes it own required time. Make sure to have loads of patience at hand. People will respond to your services when they are in need of them.

So don’t make decisions in hassle and always remember to follow up you marketing records regularly. There may be a time when everyone around you may need your services in mortgage deals. You must be ready to serve them all times.

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