Choosing a life coach school

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Choosing A Life Coach School. A lot of people want to become life coaches. Life coaching is both a monetarily fulfilling as well as an emotionally satisfying job. But becoming a coach is not as easy as it seems. You need to have the right attitude and the proper training to become an effective life coach. Most often than not, someone who is interested to be in this line of job need to attend a life coach school. So how do you choose a life coach school?.Life Coach School. There is a myriad of life coach schools all over the world but only a percentage of them can really be considered as schools that provide quality training. There are certain criteria that you should consider when choosing a school to train in.

First thing that you should consider is its training program. Although there is no governed education and training for life coaching, there are certain self-appointed groups that are recognized all over the world. These are the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Coaching Institute (ECI), and International Association of Coaching (IAC).

These organizations provide different training programs of great quality. The school you should choose is an institution that adheres to the standards provided by any of these organizations.

Another aspect that you should consider is experience. How long has the school been in the life coach training business?. A school that has been established for quite some time would have had the experience as well as the expertise to train their students effective life coaching techniques.

Feedback is also another factor that you should consider when choosing a school. Know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the school from the points of view of their trainees. Most often than not, feedbacks are unbiased.

Last but not the least, when choosing a life coach school, you should take into consideration the training fees. Life coach training can range anywhere from $3000 – $6000. Make sure that the fees you may incur for the training can be accommodated in your budget. It would also be good to inquire whether the school provide scholarships or other programs that may help their trainees financially.

The School Can Only Do So Much. No matter how good a life coach school is but if a person does not have the right attitude to become a life coach then everything becomes meaningless. There are a lot of people who wants to become life coaches but some of them are there for the wrong reason – money making. Yes it is true that life coaching is a lucrative job and a lucrative business. And yes there is nothing wrong with money making.

But you should keep in mind that in life coaching, you are holding the future of a person in your hands. If you are doing it just for the sake of money making there is a big chance that you will just do the job half-heartedly.

To become a life coach you need to have the proper attitude. You need to have the passion as well as the heart to help people. Make the money making part your secondary goal. Helping people should be the top priority.

With good training from a life coach school plus the right attitude, then you can be a very effective life coach who could make a positive change in other people.

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