Summer resort jobs mixing work and play

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Summer Resort Jobs – Mixing Work and Play. Working at a resort such as a tropical beach where white sands meet turquoise waters, can be the most exciting and rewarding of all summer jobs. Here work doesn’t seem like work at all. Where else can you find a job where you can both work and enjoy stunning views and soak up the sun’s rays at the same time?. Getting a job at a beach resort is probably one of the dream jobs of many people. Aside from it being a quite glamorous and exciting job, it also presents you the opportunity to meet and mingle with many people from different walks of life.

Most of these resorts have job openings that suit any job seeker’s abilities and skills. There is a wide array of different types of jobs available in most beach resorts ranging from lifeguards to waiters. Of course, the more common jobs in beach resorts are those that are related to hospitality and tourism. These jobs include receptionists, porters, chambermaids, restaurant services, tour guides, water sports instructors and many more. If you are an active and energetic individual, you will find most of these jobs perfect for you. For nature lovers, working on a spectacular beach amidst a lush tropical setting is a dream-come-true.

Beach resorts also offer opportunities for temporary or seasonal employment. Summer is the peak season when these resorts welcome the most guests and experience the most activity. Most of the time, resorts will hire extra personnel in different departments and programs within the resort. If you have the background, the skills and the interest in the job vacancies these resorts offer, then you’re halfway on the path to getting that great summer resort job.

There are hundreds of resorts from which you can choose. From the beaches of California to the Florida Keys, there’s an abundance of resorts ranging from the small and quaint to the large and luxurious. This multitude of resorts can be quite overwhelming if you are summer resort job-hunting. But you can narrow down your choices by focusing on what you really do best and on where you want to work. To start looking for a cool summer resort job, the internet offers a quick and convenient way to find leads. There are even sites that are dedicated to connecting resort companies who are looking for new personnel to people who are looking for a resort job, whether permanent or seasonal.

However, you may have to shell out money for travel costs especially if you are eyeing a summer job in another state or even as far as Hawaii. If you’re short on budget, you may consider working on a beach resort nearest to your area. There are literally hundreds of beach resorts from Rhode Island down to Florida; and from Washington down to California. For the more adventurous (and if you have the money) you can try your luck in the Caribbean.

So, what are you waiting for?. Prepare your resume, pack up your bags and head off into the horizon for a summer job that is truly rewarding and enriching. A summer resort job doesn’t only let you earn money, it also lets you earn experience, new friends and maybe even a whole new outlook on life. A job on the summer resort may be the perfect antidote for endless hours cramming for an exam at school.

This can be a great opportunity to have a change in perspective. When your contract ends and you come back home from your summer resort job, you will not only return with a tan, but with lots of memorable and priceless experience as well.

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