How to choose an image consultant

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How to choose an image consultant. Image consultants are not only for celebrities and politicians. All people need an image consultant especially if they are starting their careers in the corporate world or if they badly need to look into their image at work. This is especially true if their line of work is one where they have to meet a lot of people or have to speak to a large audience.

Image consultants are also not only hired for people. They also take care of products and companies, whose tattered reputation need some immediate fixing. They will often be paid for a specific number of months where they will execute their plans that will bring about the change in image.

Changes may be in the form of appearance and reputation. Image consultants will usually focus on changing the hair, the makeup and the way that a person carries herself. They will also teach their clients basic grooming habits as well as dressing techniques that they will need to stand out in the crowd.

Another area of responsibility is their reputation and how people outside see them. This can include press releases in newspapers for people who have images to keep in the public or those with positions in the government. Even celebrities also need to keep a squeaky clean image if they want to stay long in the business.

With your reputation and your appearance in the hands of one person, it is important that choose the one that will truly help you transform yourself. Below are some of the things that you should consider when choosing an image consultant.

1. Credentials. There is no school for people who work as image consultants. Most have become image consultants because of their experience in the field and their connection. So when choosing an image consultant, education is not really important. If they have certificates in grooming, make-up and even basic manners, they will have an edge but everything is basically based on the experience.

2. Track Record. When choosing an image consultant make sure that they have sufficient experience in the job. This is especially true if you need a really major makeover. If you can, look into their previous track records and see how their clients have been transformed. Chances are, they will be doing the same to you.

3. Clients. The kinds of clients that an image consultant has will say a lot in the field where he and she is an expert and will also determine the level of competency and experience that he has. For instance, if their clients are big names in the industry, chances are they are good at their job and have worked for a certain number of years. This however will also mean that they will be asking for a bigger fee, which is actually the next consideration.

4. Price tag. Hiring an image consultant is actually not cheap. Hired only for month or two, they will be asking a lot not only in terms of their professional fee but also for the expenses that they will be incurring when you change your image: wardrobe, salon, spam, etc. So before, you even decide to hire one, make sure that you can actually afford the image consultant. Otherwise, just ask for the advice of those close to you.

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