Qualities of a good image consultant

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Qualities of a good image consultant. There is no diploma for an image consultant. That most credential that these people will be able to give you is their experience in the field and the track record that they have built with their past clients. This is perhaps why it is harder for new people in the industry to break into the market. After all, without a track record, who will hire you but without any clients, how can you build a track record.

To answer this problem, some people work for image consultancy offices to gain experience and also contacts. That way, they can establish a name in the industry without really venturing out alone. When they have gained enough experience in the market and have become a recognizable name in the industry, that is the time that they can leave the company and set up their own shop.

But even with the experience and the contacts behind them, they will not be effective image consultants if they don’t have the following qualities. Read on and see if you have some of them. Remember that some of them are basically innate while others can be developed through time. Look into each and see the difference.

1. Eye for tailoring and appearance.

Some people just know what is beautiful when they see one and image consultants must have the eye for the pretty things if they want to succeed in changing the appearance and image of their clients. This is especially true if you are working on celebrities who want help with their wardrobe. Although stylists can also help with this, the decision will ultimate be yours.

2. Organization. People who are into image consulting must be able to handle their schedules well. this is especially true if you have multiple clients that you are servicing at the same time. One late move or the wrong press release sent to the wrong news agency can spell disaster to you client. You’ve got to be prompt and organized. Sometimes, if your client is the rebel type, you need to be there 24/7 to look into their every action.

3. Sociable. A good image consultant must be sociable and in a sense good in public relations. After all, how can you hope to help your client fix their reputation outside if you cannot even fix yours. Image consultants must be good pr persons. They must have great personalities, great conversationalists and great convincers.

4. Educated. Image consultancy as mentioned above do not have any course but this does not mean that you don’t need to get a diploma for the job. You need to also be educated if you want to be able to talk to people and convince them of your client’s good qualities. An image consultant must come across as a professional and must foremost be educated and intelligent5. Creative. In all kinds of work, you need to be creative in order to ensure your client’s change in image. You may not realize it but this requires master planning and cunning. Not only should you mobilize your contacts to help you. You should also be able to think of ways that will help your client change his or her image without appearing to make it so hard.

After all, change in image should be subtle, fluid and effortlessly done. That’s the mark of good image consultants.

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