What you need to do to get that job

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What You Need to Do to Get that Job. Summer is fast approaching and school will finally be over within a few weeks?. If you want to spend your summer break in maybe the most rewarding and fruitful way possible, then you should definitely get a summer job. Getting a summer job is an excellent way to spend your time during summer break.

Having a summer job isn’t all about getting a paycheck. A summer job will provide you with tons of work experience which can be a great addition to your future resume. Getting a job over the summer will also give you the opportunity to meet a lot of people and expand your network of friends and contacts. If you are a first time summer job hunter within the Boston area, here are some useful tips you can use.

Where do you start looking for that Boston summer job?. First, you should come up with a simple resume showing your personal details, educational background, skills and other relevant information. Many summer job hunters don’t realize the importance of a resume or think that they don’t have anything to put into a resume. Having a resume gives you good advantage.

Why?. It lets your prospective employer know that you put in effort to get a summer job and will most likely think of you as someone who is a professional. A resume also lets your prospective employer know about your skills, educational attainment in one glance which can help you clinch the job. Make your resume simple and straightforward.

With a resume in hand, the next step to finding that cool Boston summer job is the actual job search. There are dozens of ways and resources you can tap while hunting for a Boston summer job. The first on the list is the internet. It offers you a vast and excellent source of job information.

So put those fingers to work, click on and look up various employment websites that offer listings of part-time or full-time summer jobs within Boston. However, many companies bypass these job ad services so make your job search more through. Look up local Boston businesses and companies in your field of expertise and see if they have any job openings on board.

You can also try getting the services of a recruiter or a headhunter. There are many of such services available online. But be cautious about these services as there are both good and lousy ones. The best way is to ask for a recommendation or referral from previous clients and ask for their feedback. Another excellent resource when searching for a Boston summer job is your very own network.

Studies reveal that only about 10-15 percent of job openings are listed on newspapers, magazines, the internet and other medium. Most information about job openings is passed on through word of mouth. So build up your network, meet and mingle with a lot of people, expand your social circle. There’s a big chance you’ll find good leads within your network.

Boston is an exciting place to find a summer job in. As a center of education and manpower development, many high-tech companies such as software companies have set up shop within the area. Boston is also a center of financial services. Other businesses within the area include well-known brands such as Gillette and Reebok. The Boston summer job market is surely an attractive place to find that cool new summer job you’ve been wanting to have.

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