Your resume should describe your carpentry career

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Your Resume Should Describe Your Carpentry Career.

If you have been working as a carpenter for quite some time, it will be easy for you to look for a job. You just have to write a resume that describes your carpentry career from the time you started until the present.

Naturally, the first thing you should have on your resume is your name, contact number, social security number and other personal details.

It will be nice to put an career objective so the employer will know what type of job you are applying for so this can be placed in the right box and reviewed further later on.

The next part of your carpentry resume should include your work experience. You should state there your position, where you worked and your job responsibilities.

You should then mention your educational background. Many carpenters only completed secondary education and then pursued carpentry from a community, vocational or technical college. If there are any other certificates which you have taken after, it will be a good idea to mention them as this will surely increase your chances of being hired.

If you have any other skills apart from being a carpenter, this should also be mentioned. Some employers like the fact that you had served in the military in the past or were part of an organization in the past so just write it down.

Should you put references on your carpentry resume?. It is best not to and just indicate that they will be available when it is requested.

When you are done working on your resume, review it one more time and ask yourself if you are happy with hit. If you are not , make some changes so this will look better in the eyes of the employer. You can also have someone else look at it and then take things from there.

The general rule you must follow is that it should be short, concise and it is only when you have worked as a carpenter for a long time that this should ever be 2 pages.

Two things you that will boost your carpentry resume are;.

1. You must always use keywords such as accomplished, initiated or managed when you talk about your duties, responsibilities or accomplishments.

2. Since carpenters are part of a team so you must never mention “I” when you are writing about your accomplishes. It is best to use “we” since you contributed to the overall performance of the team.

Will writing a good resume that indicates all the above will guarantee you a job?. The answer is no because it is possible that someone else with better qualifications will be hired which means this all boils down to the interview so you have to prepare for that.

Since you don’t know what will happen, you should continue sending out as many resumes as you can so you will soon get called into an interview and hope that right after, you are hired.

Aside from mailing your carpentry resume, you can also upload these in various job sites since employers also look for potential candidates online.

You can also try your luck visiting various construction sites to see if there is any vacancy since the foremen or the person in charge will be able to tell you at once if they need someone with your expertise which you can later add as part of your long carpentry career.

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