What kind of interview question will you be faced with next

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There is nothing like a good hard interview question to strike fear into the heart of even the most qualified applicant. This is a great chance for both parties—the applicant to strut their stuff, and the potential employer to see if the potential employee has the mettle that it will take to perform the job in question well.

So it therefore behooves both parties to prepare well to both ask and answer these sorts of questions. But where do these “million dollar” questions come from?. Do they have to be or are they original?. Is there a place to find and prepare for an interview question?. It turns out that the answer to both of these questions is Yes! Often they are found in the same place, and now more than ever the best place to look is on the internet.

There is more information concerning interviews—how to conduct and how to survive them—on the internet than ever. The information, depending on how hard you look, can be very specific too! For instance say you are a small software development firm in silicone valley amongst giant sized competitor companies. You thrive on the pressure exerted from and the competition provided by these larger companies and your constant mission is to beat them at their own games. Well you are going to want employees to thrive under pressure right?.So the trick is to find questions that load on the pressure and get the interviewee into a situation where they feel slightly uncomfortable but should be able to reason their way through the interview question and provide an answer that shows that that is what they have done. If you search you will find websites that provide you with gobs and gobs of questions like this. Some even group them into specific areas and some also offer advise for interpreting answers and providing follow up questions and feed back.

On the other side if you are an interviewee, part of the preparation is trying to think ahead. First to the types of skills that will be needed to perform well in this job and then to the types of questions that show case these skills. The nice thing about this is that there are only so many interview questions that exist and if you do the first part of your research on the job well you should have no question finding information about classic questions that are designed to bring out certain qualities. You therefore have no excuse about not being prepared and in the same manner about not getting a great job!.

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