Types of nursing careers

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Types of Nursing Careers. There is a shortage of nurses in the United States. While this has allowed foreign workers to apply for jobs, this is not sufficient to fill the gap as some states are still understaffed.

For people who want job security, to earn a decent wage and the satisfaction knowing that they have helped somebody, perhaps a nursing career is the right thing to do. To give you an idea, here are some of types of nursing jobs you can get into.

One of the most common jobs to get into is that of a registered nurse or RN. Their job is to assess the needs of the patient, develop and implement the plan and maintain medical records. In some cases, they also inform the patient and others about disease prevention.

For those that want this job, they have to graduate from nursing school and pass the state licensure exam. This is different for each state so if you plan to work in another state, you have to check if your current license allows you to work there.

Another job is that of the licensed practical nurse. This person works under the direction of a registered nurse or a doctor. If you have ever been confined in the hospital, they are the ones that come in your room and check on your blood pressure, temperature. At times, they may even get a blood sample from you.

The licensed practical nurse is also the one that greets you when you arrive at the doctor’s office. They make sure everything is running smoothly as well as take care of paperwork and the filing of the patient’s medical records.

The nurse practitioner is another and their primary function is to act as a care giver. These professionals are the first ones that diagnose a patient and treat their illness or injury. They can prescribe certain medications but this varies per state.

They also have secondary responsibilities that include anesthesiology, midwifery and other clinical responsibilities.

You don’t become a head nurse overnight. This happens after years of experience which will enable you to set up work schedules, assign different duties to the staff and make sure that each member of your team is trained to do their job. They are the ones in charge of a hospital wing that make sure all the files are updated and there is sufficient stock of equipment and other supplies on hand.

The nursing aide otherwise known as nursing assistants are the ones who clean the room when the patient has left, serve meals, deliver messages, bathe, feed and dress the patient. They also do some of the work done by a nurse practitioner and escort the patient to the operating room, recovery room until they are sent back to their own room. This person may also be called upon to assist in some procedures.

Apart from helping around in the hospital, they should keep an eye on the patient so any emotional or physical conditions can be reported to the nurse of the doctor.

The kind of nursing career you choose depends on what type of nursing education you get. You can go for a two to a four year program then obtain your license. For those that want to go farther, they should take further studies like a master’s or a doctorate degree so they can work as educators, consultants or instructors.

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