Designing custom binders

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Binders are an office staple. Custom binders offer an alternative to the bland styles of basic binders. They also offer a way to add an extra kick to any marketing plan. A custom binder gives a sense of pride and professionalism to any plain binder and add a kick to a presentation. The advanatges of binders are only amplified by cutsomizing them.

Binders can be bought in bulk them customized to fit any situation. That way binders are bought cheap and the customizing is only done to the binders that need it. One set of binders can serve many purposes when used in this manner, from office needs to a special client presentation. No wasted money and a variety in choices of customization.

Custom binders are just one detail that can really shine in a clients eyes. Custom binders show time was spent preparing the information and that thoguht was given to the overall presetnation. They also show the client that they were considered important and deserved a special presentation style. Custom folders make the first impression on a client a good one.

Customizing a binder is not all about adding logos or designs either. Customizing a binder can include all aspects from the cover to the riungs. The covers can be thin polyethylene or more complex vinyl. Vinyl covers offer much flexibility. They are made from cardboard that is covered in a strong, durable vinyl. Pockets and business card slots can be added to vinyl binders. Polyethylebe binders are less expensive and can still have logos or words printed on them. Custom binders can be a variety of sizes with different ring styles, as well. The size of the binder and rings largely depend upon what is to be put in the binder. The styles of rings also are dictated by the use of the binder. For a binder that needs to be easily accessible and allow for a person to flip through the pages easy, the typical “O” ring would work best. On the other hand binders that are to hold important documents would be best suited with square rings as they do not curve the paper inside.

Custom binders are a great way for a buisness to make a good impression. They put forth a sense of class and reflect well upon the business. The many ways to customize a binder allow for them to be suited exactly to the needs of the business.

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