Aviation employment boards and finding work

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Finding work in the aviation industry involves spending time on the internet researching companies, obtaining contact information, and doing plenty of cold calling before landing your first interview. Fortunately, there are numerous sites online providing excellent information on how to find work. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones.

Major Job Boards: Three national job boards list the majority of opportunities available for all job fields, including those outside of aviation. Monster.com, Career Builder, and Yahoo’s Hot Jobs are favorite sources for listing jobs. All three offer free registration as well as free access to available opportunities.

Major Aviation Sites: Quite a number of sites featuring aviation opportunities exist. Most require registration and only a few, including the Aviation Employment Board, do not charge membership fees.

Top sites include:AEPS.com. Atlas. Aviation.com. Av. Crew.com. Avia. Nation.com. Aviation.Thingamajob.com. Aviation. Employment.com. Aviation. Employment. Board.net. Aviation. Jobs. Online.com. Avjobs.com. Climbto350.com. Flight. International. Jobs.com. Flite. Info.com. Nations. Jobs.com. Parc. Aviation.aero. The following sites can help you find work, they are agencies and will require you to register and pay a fee:Integrity. Flight. Crews.com. Jet-Professionals.com. JSFirm.com. In addition there are scores of smaller or specialized sites out there for specific career choices such as for pilots, flight attendants, and others:Corporate. Flyer.net. Pilot. Jobs.com. Not all sites are listed, but with a Google search others can easily be turned up. Be aware that some sites simply copy job opportunities from other sites, so you may be paying for something that is otherwise free!.

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