Coaching in life for honor

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Coaching in Life for Honor. Oriental Value. Whenever I get to watch Japanese-inspired samurai movies, it catches my attention that the main character has a purpose in undertaking what he is supposed to do, even if it means risking and sacrificing his own life. This purpose of finishing a certain task is not only bound to duty but to something more important, something deeper.

I usually am able to discern that the purpose of being is rooted in honor and self respect. My conscience gives me a coaching in life for honor to be sought.

A samurai is not only concerned with his personal objectives but it is intertwined with a sense of self preservation which is more than what can be perceived tangibly, even by other people. Honor for the samurai is his most cherished and well kept treasure. Without it or losing it would mean shame and a loss of dignity.

It is the pride of the samurai to continue to exist in this world of interaction. Honor is the badge of self respect he commands from other people. It is indeed important.

There was also a time which I remembered during one of my previous jobs wherein I was administering a myriad of online gamers who paid for gaming service. Each day that I worked as a game master, I made sure that there were no exploits or cheats done by the players that would compromise the integrity of the game, as well as the other players.

Self Implication. However, it couldn’t be avoided that there would be anomalies and corruption even in such an ideally conceived work. I was not the only game master working. I had colleagues, some of which had different sets of principles. It came to a point that some sort of dishonesty happening between unethical players and immoral game masters. I was knowledgeable of the “under-the-table” transactions of some of the players to have their online gaming characters hyped up.

Even if I could also make easy money from joining the bandwagon, money was not important to me, and so I confronted these colleagues of mine and talked with them about it. It seemed that there would be no compromise that is going to happen so I decided to resign because I couldn’t blindly work in an honorable manner when my colleagues wouldn’t.

It just implies that I value my sense of self respect and honor. I would rather go do an action if it would mean that I would gain the two before mentioned. Of course there are times when I make the wrong decisions, but not because I deliberately compromised and gave up my honor for something shallow such as money or fame or the like. Honor, like that of a samurai is important to me. It is my badge of respect that I can command others to impart with me as I do with others as well.

I shall preserve and maintain this treasure that I have, and that which others may never get or steal from me. It may diminish with mistakes that I do in my life, but as long as my sanity commands to strive for the betterment of this, I shall remain internally self fulfilled.

If there would be something I may do to increase it, I will do as long as I am able to carry out the task properly. Honor will be one of my root principles as I live in this earth. Honor as a coach in life is intangible yet, it is one of the most concrete things speaking of my identity.

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