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Due to the effect of globalization, many companies are setting up their offices in various parts of the world. So there are numerous job opportunities for local people. But, sometimes job seekers can’t know of openings in various companies, because all the jobs are not advertised in the newspapers. But, a job portal like has maintained a database that contains a large number of vacancies in different job sectors. These vacancies mention detailed job descriptions i.e. works to be performed in a particular job for the convenience of job seekers and headhunters. The job seekers can match their profiles with the job descriptions so that they will select the right job for them.

The puts its emphasis on easy posting and finding of jobs for people. Apart from providing job solutions, it wants to fulfill every small requirement of people. It has streamlined the application submission process by avoiding tons of different applications and making available only one so that unnecessary wastage of time can be prevented and applications can be processed faster.

Its Head. Hunt feature distinguishes it from other job sites. It is a new and innovative way of creating and providing employment options for people. Above all, you can earn money while doing headhunt. In this program, users go through various resumes posted in the site and recommend the appliers for jobs that would be most suited for. This makes the process of job searching for a job seeker easier, because Jobbi users are now headhunting for them. Employers are also benefited as they don’t have to expend too much on private head hunters. They will be able to hire good and competent people due to Jobbi users who do searching on their behalf. These users are rewarded by the website and not by the employers. Though there is a restriction on the number of headhunts that is ten, at a particular period of time, it is a popular way of making money while helping people to get jobs.

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