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Mystery and Shopping all began in the early 1900’s. This method of market research was used to test or check the honesty of employers. No ordeal at all. The pay and assignments were no problem for the secret shoppers.

The pay for secret shoppers depends on the shop and the money for mystery and shopping ranges any where from $15.00 to $175.00 and plus more. This will depend on the company or business and the type of secret or mystery shopper’s job/s assignment/s, – ‘ANYWHERE!’And ‘Free’ goods, merchandise, bonuses, coupons, and gift certificates go along with the shop. You are also reimbursed as well, with some mystery and shopping jobs.

What are some of the advantages?. No boss, the number of companies are increasing, set your own hours, no certification required, accept as many shop jobs as you like, work when you want, use your Laptop or PC from home, home office, mobile as you are traveling, and you can submit the report from anywhere. The shop assignment reports, ASAP it after finishing from your vehicle must meet the deadline.

The Mystery and Shopping assignments are with different types and kinds of businesses such as – amusement parks, merchandiser, supermarkets, hair salons, quick lube an oil shop, retail shops and stores, restaurants – many, banks, hotels, automobile dealerships, focus groups – for specifics, theaters, and even assignments to evaluate movie trailers and the latest movies or videos.

There are varies names for Mystery Shoppers – Secret Shoppers such as: Performance Audits, Spotters, Merchandiser, Telephone Checks, Employee Evaluations, Virtual Customers, Mystery Customer, and Secret Shopper.

Important key factor! Look your best as a Secret Shopper when on assignment.

The mystery and shopping work is done in person, even though the information concerning the shop can be submitted via your computer. The quickest way for businesses to receive your ‘True’ feedback and to meet their deadline.

The equipment! To be very successful as a secret shopper is very minimal. To name some and this will vary as the business you are secretly shopping for will let you know in advance.

So, to name several tools: Telephone and/or cell phone would be excellent choice. And with a telephone – one that has an answer machine or say, voice mail for messages. Computer, tape recorder, camera and a video camera.

The logic behind the shopper tools or equipment is to be able to keep a record of the mystery shopper’s honest results or experience. The businesses may need the recording/s. In addition, recall will not need to be done. All is recorded or taped so you have when you fill in the report for the assignment/s. Is this easy?.So, you as the secret shopper for mystery and shopping job/s assignment/s can log it as the company or businesses request it per their factual and honest feedback and/or opinion/s from you as a shopper. You have to in others words, be able to recall the information that they need – companies or businesses you secret shop for.

Here is a very important question that we are asked. Do I have to keep the mystery and shopping or shop a secret and when I perform the shop?.Yes, as a ‘secret shopper’ you ‘NEVER’ reveal it during the shop; to tell or telegraph at all. Also, very very important the shop is to be KEEP ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ and (Information) as well, a second biggie.

This incredible information can have you working and receiving offers to “work” as a mystery shopper in less then 24 hours. If you are a stay at home mother, college student, retired, looking for extra income, 2nd job, part time, or full time job, or ‘ANYONE’ who can’t, or doesn’t want to, fit a “real job” into their schedule, I urge you to check it out right now.

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