If you get stumped by a question

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If you Get Stumped by a Question. You can prepare for an interview until you are blue in the face and still get stumped on aquestion during the process. It is okay, it happens to a lot of people. Some questionscome out of left field, sometimes you draw a blank, and others – you really don’t knowwhat to say. Here is a brief run down of what you can do in these three situations.

A (Seemingly) Off Topic Question – These may be thrown in to the interview out ofcuriosity by the interviewer or to gauge your knowledge on a certain subject. It is not areason to dismiss the question though and not pay it the care and attention you would toany other one. Do your best, and if you really can’t figure out the correlation between thequestion and the job you are applying to, you can ask at the end of the interview – alongthe lines, “out of curiosity….”You Draw a Blank – Ask for a minute to compose your answer, and do some fastbrainstorming. If you feel that the silence is becoming uncomfortable, you can ask tocome back to the question at the end of the interview. As long as you do go back to it,this is an acceptable solution. Silence is okay during an interview when you are trying tothink of an answer, do not feel obligated to fill the silence, concentrate on the answer youwant to give.

You Don’t Know What to Say – If it is a matter that you are sure what the interviewer islooking for in an answer, ask for clarification. Sometimes asking for an example of whatthey mean can guide you in what you should say. If you take a shot in the dark, youmight provide what they want – but why take the chance?.

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