Importance of a thank you letter

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In the competitive world that we live in, many people apply for the same job openings and hope that they have made a positive lasting impression with their interviewer. It was fortunate enough that the person was able to land an interview and get a chance to obtain the position. What some people tend to overlook after an interview is the follow up.

Obtaining an interview from an employer is big. It means that an employer has screened through a pile of applications and resumes and have selected possible candidates that he/she feels is qualified enough to handle the tasks involved in the job. But it does not end after the interview. A good common practice is to follow up with the company. One way to follow up is to send a Thank You letter to your interviewer. Thank the interviewer for giving you a chance to interview with him/her and for taking time out of his/her day to meet with you. Let him/her know what you felt about the interview and that you will be following up with him/her within a few days to check on the status of the position whether or not it has been filled.

It is good practice to keep the Thank You letter brief and straight to the point. Mention within the letter the highlights of the interview and any possible skills, qualifications, or availability that you forgot to mention during the interview. By doing this, the hiring manager will be able to recall who you are and what you had to say. Remember, a good resume leads to an interview, but a simple Thank You letter and follow up may just be the professionalism the hiring manager is looking for that can land you the job.

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