Its all about body language

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It’s All About Body Language. Sometimes unspoken actions that you do can tell a lot about you. Even, if you are doing them consciously or not. During your internship interview, you will have a face-to-face encounter with people who are already professionals in doing what they do best: assessing, criticizing and observing want to be interns like you.

If the situation is set to be like this, then you should now be aware that your body language plays quite an important role during your internship interview. This is because it can give away a lot regarding your personality. It is one way how most employers assess their interviewees. That is why you should be aware of your body language during an interview.

There are basically two types of body language: positive and negative. Obviously, the positive types are the ones that reflect some good qualities about you. These are also the ones most employers are looking out for to give merit on your profile. However, the negative types are those movements or positions that generally reflects a poor personality.

Be Conscious, Be Positive!Being conscious and concentrating on positive body movements can be your cutting edge during your interview. So here are some of the positive body languages that you should have when being interviewed.

The best positive body language you have is eye contact. This is vital if you are trying to express confidence and trust. However, you shouldn’t over do it, since it can sometimes construct an uncomfortable ambiance and propose over-familiarity.

Giving a firm and friendly handshake too is one of the easiest observed. When you grip too hard, you can be thought of as arrogant. But if your handshake is too limp, this usually suggests of weakness in your personality.

Another good body language would be keeping your chin up. This can be done literally and metaphorically. Try smiling with open lips along with tilting your head slightly, as to show attentiveness.

Making your palms visible is also another of the positive type. Doing this suggests to your employer your sincerity and openness. Touching your fingertips together can also convey a sense of authority.

Body Language To Avoid. If you have to concentrate on your positive body languages, then you should also be aware of certain negative body language that you should avoid during an interview.

First, you should avoid crossing your arms, since this can convey defensiveness. Also, looking down, feet tapping, head resting on your hands, and slouching are four big no-no’s, which all expresses boredom.

Do not let your interviewer see that you are nervous by locking your ankles, playing with your hair, fidgeting or even biting your nails.

You shouldn’t also show arrogance or over confidence during an interview. Being confident is good but going over board is bad. To avoid showing this, you should refrain from walking too erectly and briskly while your hands are clasped behind your head. Remember, you are in a job interview, and not at home where you can act such way.

Putting your hands on your hips and doing angry gestures like placing your fists on the table and pointing can show aggression, which is a really bad thing when applying for a job.

Lastly, avoid rubbing your nose or eyes; doing this can express doubt, which can make your interviewer feel that you are not quite sure if you really want the position or not.

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