Why would anyone want to be a firefighter

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Why would a person decide to become a firefighter is not an easy question to answer. Until you have been a firefighter and experienced it first hand, you can not really grasp the reality of all the feelings that come with the job. Have you ever done something nice for someone and got that feeling inside The one that makes you feel like you are flying You feel all warm and fuzzy inside and cant really explain why Well, thats why those dedicated to the fire service stay. Try to imagine the way you would feel if you just saved a life or rescued someone you did not even know for any other reason than they needed help. Can you imagine how great you would feel for doing it This is what the firefighter feels each time a life is saved or a home is stopped from burning.

Being a firefighter is a very stressful and dangerous job to say the least but it is in this that many thrives. Not everyone can take on such a job and see it through making it a lifelong career. Many have tried it just to see if they would like it bunt the real dedicated heroes of the fire service know from the first moment they choose this way of life that they will never be the same again. There lives will forever be entwined in the fire service and even if they choose to leave the service, they will always be a part of it in their hearts and minds. If you are thinking about being a professional firefighter, you need to realize that if you are looking for a good paying job, this is not it. You will do alright with the salary offered but by no means will you become wealthy from it. Knowing this only reinforces the dedication that is needed to the job.

If you are looking for a job that offers a low stress rate, firefighting is not what you want. To be in the fire services, you need to be able to handle high stress, low sleep, and situations that are going to press some nerves. It is especially nice when it is 300 Am and it is snowing outside and you get a call for someone who upon arriving on the scene was only lonely and not really sick. You feel for them but the stress and warm cozy bed back at the station can really get you aggravated about it all. If you are already high strung, maybe a nice desk job is what you want. The risks of injury and death are high for those choosing the fire services as their career. Many deaths occur as a result of the job they perform each and every day. Heath related risks are also a real possibility from the exposure to all types of chemicals.

With this in mind, again I ask, Why would anyone want to be a firefighter I guess my answer to you would be that along with the all these negative traits of the fire services, the faithful men and women who have made the choice to do what they do each and every day are there because they love what they do. They love being able to help when no one else can. What other job can you do that is total service tot someone else each time you go to work. This is a big part of the love of the firefighter to their profession. Now, I guess the only thing that remains to ask is, Why do you want to be a firefighter.

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