Dos and donts of hospitality management application

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Hospitality Management Application. Although there are a lot of openings in the industry of hospitality management, applying for a job can still be quite competitive, especially now that a lot of people are considering making career changes and pursuing this type of profession. Thus, it is important that you have a cutting edge from the very start among the rest. This is why your application should be smooth and flawless.

For your application to be that way, there are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind during the application period. Here are some of them.

For Online Applications. One do factor that you should remember if you are applying via the Internet is do be patient. There are times that it seems to take employers ages before they could reply to your online application. Try to give it a week or so before you move on.

Also, double checking the Web site of your prospect employer is another do. This is a must. Try to read the advertisement over and over again. Make sure that you do not miss on any fine print at the bottom. This is to avoid getting into any kind of mess before you even send out your application.

Don’t apply for the job if the job title matches what you are looking for but the description does not really match what you have in mind. This would only cause conflict between you and your employer. It would be even better to apply for a job that has a different job title but you know that you can perform the job description pretty well.

For Cover Letters. Do send a cover letter every time you send a CV. It doesn’t really matter if you are responding to an advertisement that you saw or having a speculative application. It is a must for you to send a cover letter. Not doing so is considered to be unprofessional in the field. However, do not send a letter if the advertisement specified that you should not send one.

Do take advantage of your cover letter to sell yourself to your employer. This letter is an important one and is sometimes the deciding factor on whether you are going to get an interview or not. Some other do’s in making a letter would be: addressing it to the right person, checking your grammar, spelling and punctuations, and customizing it by stating the name of the company you are applying for.

Some of the don’ts include: addressing it to ‘Sir/Madam’, writing a novel instead of a short and direct to the point letter, and using long words and complex jargons just to impress your reader.

For CVs. Don’t take your CV for granted. Do take time in preparing for it. This is your number one marketing tool so that you can sell yourself. You CV should be well presented. It should also be interesting for your employer to read. Other than that, it should be easy and quick to read. Last but not the least, it should contain the truth and nothing but the truth about yourself. Lying in a CV could get you into really big trouble in the future.

Use your CV to highlight your skills and accomplishments. However it is a big ‘Don’t’ for you to overload it with information. Just include the necessary ones or the latest information that you think has a big relation to the position you are applying for.

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