Finding your way in nursing career fair

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Finding Your Way at a Nursing Career Fair. Job and career fairs are common ways for both employers and employees to get what they want. It is beneficial for both of them. That’s why it is not unusual to find lots of employers participating in these kinds of events as well as lots of career seekers attending them. A nursing career fair is no exception. In career fair for nurses, you’ll find a number of booths of various medical facilities from nursing homes, to hospitals, and even pharmaceutical companies.

Because the industry is always looking for qualified nurses, it seems there’s always a big demand for such health workers, employers will even hire both registered nurses and those that are nurse practitioners. This is potentially good news for those who seek a career in nursing. You just have to be exceptionally good to have a better chance of landing a position or having an offer. Remember that even though nurses are in demand, it doesn’t mean they’re just looking to hire anyone. The more qualified you are, the better the chance you will land a job.

Now, in these kinds of fair, you will absolutely need one piece of document: your updated resume. Make sure that your resume is updated and that you know it by heart. If interviewers asked something written in your resume, be sure to answer you will be able to answer the. Fail and it might be result to a bad impression with the interviewers. Another thing that you need to consider is your present skills and experience. Having worked for a hospital’s ER will definitely get you points there. This will help you choose specific employers and increase the chance of having something to show after a job fair, an offer or a job contract maybe.

These kinds of career fairs are usually announced well in advance. You need to check the local postings in bulletin boards in and around your community. Hospital news boards can contain a note or two of upcoming nursing fairs. Clinics, community drug store, and even the convenient store can have flyers and such.

Also, don’t limit yourself on community posters, go online. A number of job fairs are being distributed through mailing lists, online communities and forums. Check things out with your other nurses’ friends just in cases they hear something happening.

Knowing in advance when and where a job fair will take place can help you prepare your credentials on paper and can help you prepare psychologically and emotionally as well. Your resume needs to be prepared, and a list of references would be ideal. In the field where you are involved in saving lives, a good set of references that will vouch for your dedication, honesty and motivation of your job will come a long way.

When you do bring your resume, be sure to have enough copies free of typographical and grammatical errors. What you write on your resume usually reflects the find of personality you have. When you write your resume, keep the most recent entries and the best entries on top. The best skills you have, the latest job you had, and the type of responsibilities you were given.

If it is possible, get a list of participating companies or employers. Organizers usually list them down and print them on posters to encourage people to go and attend the fairs.

Once you’ve given your resume to prospect employers, be sure to do some follow-ups later on. Hundreds if not thousands might have applied for the same position you did in the same nursing career fairs. It is best to show interest by giving them a call and asking or reminding them of your application. Not too much though, just in moderate amounts.

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