What you need to become a firefighter

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If you are truly interested in the fire service, there are a few things you need to pass in order to do so. There is training, the application process, background check, physicals, and the health exam to name a few. Each department and county may have its own special requirements for those wanting to apply for a position as a full time firefighter. Most of the guidelines fall within about the same range as the other departments does. Once you have completed all the formalities of being able to join, you must complete the fire academy for your training. Being certified to fight fire is necessary or you could be putting not only your life at risk but also the lives of others. Lets take a look at some of the things you will need to become a successful firefighter.

The first thing is the application process itself. You can expect to undergo some of the same things as if you were trying to apply for any other type of job. A background check and criminal history will be done to ensure you have a clean history with the law and to make sure you have never been convicted of arson or other fire related crimes. Many arsonists start out as firefighters. Also, a clean background check and criminal history will provide the public with a safe environment. Most of the time you are also required to pass a physical exam to ensure good health and also a psychological exam to make sure you are up to the task of facing the stresses of the job. Once you have passed the application process, you are now ready to learn the essentials of being a good firefighter at the fire academy.

The fire academy is the place where all the new recruits or applicants will learn about fire and the different techniques in fighting the fire. You can learn how to use the equipment properly and to carry out complicated rescue procedures. The most essential training you will receive is on the behavior and science of fire. You can not fight something you do not know about. Once you begin to understand the makeup and actions a fire will take, putting it out will be made much simpler. When you have completed the training at the fire academy, you may be placed in a fire department to get the hands on experience you need. This may be without pay until you can show you are ready to be hired on full time or until a position opens for you. Most of the time, there is a waiting list of those who have finished the academy and are waiting to be hired professionally.

Now that you have finished the application process and finished the fire academy, you are a firefighter of sorts. You now have the certification you need to recognize as having the training as a firefighter. What are most important are the inner qualities that you will never learn in school. These are the positive traits needed to be a firefighter like honesty, patience, dedication, love of the job and now you has everything you need to say with confidence that you are a firefighter and just maybe a pretty good one at that.

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